8' by 8' Canopy

10' by 10' Canopy

10' by 15' Canopy

10' by 20' Canopy

8', 10', 15' Sidewalls

Canopies with Special Colored Tops

10' x 10' Blackout Canopy with Sides

Hand Held Umbrella

Umbrella With Stand


Folding Chairs

Hollywood Chairs

Regular Director's Chairs

Tall or Medium Director's Chairs

Director's Chair - Camera Ready

Tall Director's Chairs - Black or White

Script Pouch for Directors Chairs

Bar Stool

Posing Stool


Motorola® CP 200 Walkie Talkie

Hand Mic


Noise Reduction Headset

Surveillance Kit

Wi-Fi Box


Barrel Fan (Small)

Floor Fan

10 Gallon Mister Fan with Handtruck

30 Gallon Mister Fan with Handtruck

Mister Fans With Tank - 30 gallon

Portable Air Conditioner

Extension Hoses for Air Conditioners - 15' or 25'

Pedestal Fans


Blower Heater

Electric Dish Heater

Electric Blower Heater

Hand-truck Heater

Double Handtruck Heater

Infrared Heater

Radiant Heater

Tank Top Heater

Umbrella Heater

XL Heater LP80

Extra Propane Tank


Butt Cans

Coffee Maker

Coffee Thermos - 5 Gallons


Cooler with Wheels

Galvanized Tubs

Tables - 4' & 6'

Tables - 6' (Half Folding)

Tables - 8'

Tables - Card

Round Tables

Trash Cans

Water Coolers

Water Dispenser


Make-up Mirror - Wood Tabletop

Make-Up Mirror - Aluminum Tabletop

Make-up Mirror - Tabletop in Traveling Case

Make-up Table - Wood

Make-up Table - Double Wide Wood

Make-up Table - Black or White Wood

Make-up Table - Black, White or Silver Metal

Mirror - Full Length

Mirror - 4' x 6' Rolling

Mirror - 3 Way Wardrobe

Wardrobe Rack

Wardrobe Rack - Heavy Duty

Wardrobe Rack - Shoe Rack (add on)

Wardrobe Steamer - J2 Jiffy

Wardrobe Steamer - Hand Held


Ironing Board

Personal Changing Room

Salon Chairs - Hydraulic


Barricades - A Frame

Barricade - Bicycle

Barricade - Parade

Cones - Small 18

Cones - Large 28


Hand Held Traffic Signs

Hard Hats, Vests, Flags

4' x 4' Mesh Road Signs with Stand


Bunjie Cords

D Ring

Dolly - 2 Wheel

Dolly - Furniture

Refrigerator Dolly

Furniture Pads

Layout Board Racks

Magliner - Jr. or Sr.

Magliner with Shelf Jr. or Sr.

Magliner (Heavy Duty)

Magliner with Beach Wheels

Pallet Jack

Piano Dolly

Racks - Chair/Lumber/Cable/Utility

Ratchet Straps

Stage Riser Dolly

Stevedore Dolly

Super Shelves

Truck Shelves

Truck Spreaders (2 pc.)

Wardrobe Truck Shelves


Grey Beach Wagon

4' x 4' Flag Cart

Chair Cart

On-Set Directors Chair Cart

C-Stand Cart

Duz All Cart (Empty)

Flatbed Cart

Fold It Cart

FOLDIT Cart - Beach Cart

Innovative Cart

Laundry Tub

Milk Crate Cart

Red Wagon

Rubbermaid™ Cart with Pneumatic Wheels

Sand Bags Cart

Taco Cart (Empty)

Wardrobe Rack Cart


Bootie Dispenser

Bull Horn

Exit Signs with Stand

Fire Extinguisher

First Aid Kit

Garden and Hand Tools

Garden Hose

GloBug Light with Cart and Generator

GloBug Light with Cart only

Go Jacks

Hudson Sprayer

Luminite Light Tower

Mop, Bucket and Wringer

Pipe & Drape 8'x10' Kit

Pipe & Drape - Base Only

Pipe & Drape - Upright Poles Only

Pipe & Drape - Crossbar Only

Pipe & Drape - 8'x10' Drape Only

Rubber Mats (3'x10') & Carpet Mats (3'x5')

Saw Horses - Set of 2

Shop Vacuum (Wet or Dry)

Upright Vacuum


Windbreaker 4'x6'

Windbreaker 6' x 10'


Air Compressor

Boom Box

Bose Stereo

Rolling Speaker

Camera Slate with Marker

Crash Pad - 4' x 8' x 8"

Crash Pad - 4' x 8' x 24"

Crowd Control / Stanchions

Dustin Mizer

Dustmop with Head



Floor Jack

Gas Can with Spout

Goal Zero Yeti 1250 Mobile Battery

Lawn Mower

Leaf Blower - Gas

Leaf Blower - Battery Powered

Leaf Blower - Electric

Posing Table

Pressure Washer

Pressure Water Tank

Pry Bar

Sand Dragger

Tumble Mats

Water Pump

Weed Eater

Wet Floor Sign