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The classic Hollywood stand. Here are the details: 

  • We carry both Norms and Matthews brands. Made of steelThe
  • Reg C-stand measures 40” tall.  
  • The Low C-stand measures 20” tall. 
  • We also carry C-stands with rocky mountain legs.

Combo Stand

Our basic stand with a Jr. receiver. Here are the details: 

  • We carry Norms combo stands
  • Made of steel
  • These stands have rocky mountain legs and come with either 2 or 3 risers
  • Ours do not come with wheels but we have wheels available to rent for an additional fee
  • The 2 riser stand measures 4’ collapsed and 11’ fully extended
  • The 3 riser stand measures 4’5” collapsed and 17’.5” fully extended

Hi Rollers

This is an industry standard rolling stand. Here are the details:

  • We canny both Norms and Matthews brands
  • Made of heavy duty steel
  • All have rolling bases and come with a junior receiver and a 4.5" grip head (lollipop)
  • The Hi Roller (or Med Roller) measuers 5' 4" collapsed and 14' fully extended
  • The Hi Hi Roller measures 7' collapsed and 20' fully extended.
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