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Bubble Machine

  • Our bubble machine allows for continuous bubble output. 
  • This model has variable speeds and 1 gallon of bubble juice lasts 6 hours.
  • The measurements are 30” long x 16” tall x 14” wide. It requires 9 amps of power.

Fan - Mole Effects

  • The Mole Richardson effects fan is the industry standard when you need a powerful, quiet effects fan. 

Fan - Reel Effects

  • The Reel Effects fan is a small lightweight fan that can be hand held or used on a stand. 

Hazer DF-50

  • The DF-50 Hazer is used when you are looking for a light smoke effect (for example cigarette smoke in a bar). 


  • The IGEBA fogger is used outdoors only and generates a lot of smoke. 
  • This fogger requires both gasoline and fog juice and does not need electricity. This fogger uses a mineral based fog juice. One gallon of juice lasts an estimated 1.5 hours. 



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