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We rent and sell EZ UP and Caravan canopies. These canopies are extremely easy to set up and take down so they are perfect for any location. 

Our canopies come in the following sizes: 

8’ x 8’ – comfortably fits one 6’ table and 8 people

10’ x 10’ – comfortably fits two 6’ tables and 16 people

10’ x 15’ – comfortably fits three 6’ tables and 24 people

10’ x 20’ – comfortably fits four 6’ tables and 32 people

We also rent sidewalls for our canopies. This provides you the flexibility to enclose one, two, three or all four sides of the canopy. 

The prices shown are for blue and black canopies only.

See our special colored canopies for more color choices.

The sidewalls come in the following sizes: 8’, 10’, and 15’.

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