Air Conditioners/Fans

Air Conditioners/Fans

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Floor Fans

  • These fans are small and compact and are perfect for circulating air in any location. They measure 20” in diameter, have 3 speeds and require 3 amps of power.

Gallon Mister Fans with Handtruck

  • These fans are great for outdoor cooling especially when it is really hot and a light mist will help to cool things off! 

    We carry two sizes of mister fans: 10 gallon, 30 gallon. 

    All three require electricity.

Portable Air Conditioner

  • Our portable air conditioning units are ideal when you need to cool down an indoor area. Our units have a digital, programmable control panel and the temperature can be adjusted between 70 degrees and 95 degrees. 

    They measure 45” tall x 22.5” wide and weigh 180 pounds. They require 12 amps of power and put out 13,000 BTU’s. 

    We also carry 15’ and 25’ extension hoses if you need to get the cold air into several places.

Pedestal Fans

  • Our Pedestal fans are perfect when you need to circulate a lot of air. 

    They measure 6’ in height and the base is 36” in diameter. The grill measures 28" in diameter.

    Each fan has 3 speeds and requires 9 amps of power.


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